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Resident in the gym on exercise machine.

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Living Your Best Life
Nurturing and Enriching Residents’ Minds, Bodies and Well-being

It’s never too late to take charge of your health, and no place makes this easier than The Gatesworth. Through offering incredible fitness amenities and classes that improve both physical and mental health, the independent senior living community strives to nurture and enrich Residents’ minds, bodies and well-being.

“The Gatesworth does an excellent job of encouraging Residents to remain active and healthy,” says Fitness Instructor Wendy Berk. “We have a comprehensive exercise program with classes that include cardio, weights, flexibility and aqua classes. The goal of The Gatesworth is for Residents to remain healthy and independent while socializing and enjoying productive and entertaining lives.”

Along with that independence, The Gatesworth offers flexibility – allowing Residents to join as many guided fitness classes as they’d like, but also to have the opportunity to improve their fitness on their own. Resident Helen Weise is a great example; having previously taken classes, she now prefers the freedom to do her own program at the fitness center at the times that suit her best.

“It’s the freedom that I like – I don’t do the classes right now because I’m disciplined enough, but people like classes because they like to have someone guiding them,” Weise says. Her routine consists of the stair climber in the mornings, the treadmill at noon and upper body exercises at the end of the day. She also incorporates two hours of physical therapy in her apartment.

At 81 years of age, Weise adds that keeping healthy is important to her as she watches her nine grandchildren grow and work hard. “I am working to see where they end up – that means a lot to me,” she says.

“As we age, we want to keep our strength and energy so we can remain independent and self-sufficient,” Berk says. Having worked at The Gatesworth for more than a decade, she enjoys watching the bonding between the Residents taking classes.

“We want to provide the Residents of The Gatesworth with the strength and energy to continue to participate not only in exercise classes but to take advantage of the many activities provided on a weekly basis,” she adds. “There are bridge and mah-jongg groups; a table tennis league that was started by two Residents; and weekly scheduled transportation takes the Residents to grocery stores and the mall.”

Resident Jeannie McGrath agrees that the social aspect of programs at The Gatesworth is one of its strengths. “I like the social things they provide for you,” she says. “In the six months [since moving], I’ve really made some friends that can get together and enjoy the classes.” On top of her regular water aerobics class, McGrath participates in painting at the art studio with friends and has been participating in a yoga course, as well.

McGrath adds that she also walks the picturesque grounds of The Gatesworth and that she finds she has fewer aches and pains than many others do at 84. Furthermore, at her age, she enjoys that the classes are all under one roof. “I feel safe here,” she confirms. “I feel like anything that we need is available.”

“It’s good to give people opportunities and choices,” Weise says. “At The Gatesworth, they have reading clubs, writing clubs and music. People can go in whatever direction they want. The Gatesworth does a wonderful job.”

However you want to improve and maintain your health in 2022, look to The Gatesworth for programs, classes and amenities that are available on your schedule.

Text based on an interview by Maggie Peters in Ladue News

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