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The Gatesworth resident standing next to a display of her paintings.

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Living Life to the Fullest
Growing Your Passions

Retirement means time to enjoy yourself and live your life to the fullest. It also means time to devote to favorite hobbies — or even pick up new ones. At The Gatesworth, you not only have the freedom to start or continue your favorite activities, but also opportunities to share them with the community.

In February, The Gatesworth hosted an art show and reception, showcasing art created by its talented residents. Open to the public, friends and family of the residents as well as the general community saw art from 16 residents, including Terry Moore Shepley, a St. Louis native who has been involved in the arts all her life.

“I have always loved art; I started loving to draw, and then began doing oil paintings and portraits,” she explains. “Now I love to do landscapes and clouds. I also have started doing paintings of [other residents’] dogs. People really enjoy that.”

Before moving to The Gatesworth, Shepley had been involved in the St. Louis arts community by taking courses at Washington University and running an art gallery for five years in the Laclede’s Landing district of Downtown St. Louis. Since moving, she has continued to pursue her passion by attending The Gatesworth’s art classes.

“I really enjoy it,” she says. “We meet twice a week and have a teacher. We do watercolor and acrylic paintings.” Shepley adds that many of the residents — including several who were in the art show — are just picking up the hobby for the first time. “I think [the show] was wonderful,” she says. “We had a lot of new artists in the group.”

And it’s not just art classes; The Gatesworth offers a plethora of different classes and clubs for people who want to learn something new and socialize with their neighbors. You’ll find exercise classes, book clubs, lecture series, trips to local museums and theaters and so much more. On top of that, the community also has several regular gatherings for music and entertainment in its atrium.

“My apartment is in a wonderful place — right above the atrium — and so anytime there is entertainment, I can step out and hear everything,” Shepley says, adding that she loves interacting with both other residents and the kind and personable staff. “Everyone here is so nice.”

However you want to spend your retirement, The Gatesworth makes it easy to live those years to the fullest.

“I love that it’s my home,” Shepley concludes. “Before I go to sleep every night, I thank God I am here — safe, secure and happy. I couldn’t be happier.”

Text based on an interview by Maggie Peters in Ladue News

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