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Barbara Field
A Perfect Fit

As we age, security and comfort become even more important than they were earlier in life. It’s much easier to enjoy your later years when you know all of your needs are anticipated and help is never more than a few steps away. For Barbara Field, the combination of ease and confidence is one of the main reasons she decided to move to The Gatesworth. For 35 years, the senior living community has been dedicated to offering residents innovative services and a variety of amenities to ensure they remain active, happy and comfortable.

Having lived in St. Louis and worked for AT&T, Field moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina, following the death of her husband. “I enjoyed all of the benefits of island life—beach, golf, tennis and bridge,” she notes. “Due to health issues, I returned to St. Louis.” The move brought her closer to her daughter, another AT&T alum who lives in Kirkwood. Field initially moved into a condominium in Webster Groves, but looking to recapture the active social life she enjoyed in Hilton Head, she moved to The Gatesworth three months ago.

When looking for a senior living community, Field took many factors into consideration to ensure she could find the perfect fit. She also consulted with her daughter and friends when making the decision. “We get together frequently, so I wanted to be in close proximity to them,” Field explains. “I visited several communities, and The Gatesworth was simply the best. Home decor is important to me, and the community’s apartments and grounds are truly beautiful. My new home suits me perfectly.”

The Gatesworth brought Field the engagement she was looking for with a wide variety of programming, such as live music performances, day trips, exercise courses and seasonal parties. “I’m never bored,” she says. “Between the live entertainment and bridge groups, there’s always something to do.” She also enjoys taking full advantage of the convenience the senior living community offers that living in a condo did not provide, such as room service and grocery delivery. “Having my travel bags taken to and from my apartment to my car is an absolute delight,” she adds. “I also enjoy having a choice of restaurants on site—the food is all outstanding.”

The wide variety of ways residents are kept engaged is just an extension of The Gateworth’s dedication to service. “The staff is unsurpassed,” Field says. “Everyone is very accommodating and friendly.” It’s that kind of personal engagement that has truly set life at The Gatesworth apart for her. The community has given her the active social life she wanted—making new friends and having old ones visit. “I made the right decision moving to The Gatesworth,” she notes. “I’m secure, treated well and have support when needed. It’s home.”

Text based on an interview by Stephanie Wallace in Town&Style

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