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Retirement Lifestyle: The Gatesworth
A Community Unlike Any Other

Summer entertainment, programs and activities are back at The Gatesworth! Continuing education, live entertainment and social outings on the town with resident neighbors are some of the many exciting happenings this summer. The Gatesworth continues to strive to provide the best in everything it does!

“At The Gatesworth, our motto is ‘The answer is yes – what is the question?’,” says Executive Director Carrie Montrey. “For more than three decades, residents and their families have told us that there is no other senior community anywhere like The Gatesworth. That’s a reputation we strive to maintain.”

The Gatesworth’s success is grounded in its core values for residents: choice and opportunity. The community inspires a vibrant and active lifestyle where residents can continue to explore new interests, build friendships and embrace their independence. How much or little each resident engages with activities is always the resident’s choice.

Activities and programs include discussion groups, live entertainment, card games, spa services and fitness classes. Staffers at The Gatesworth also listen to every resident’s input and are always ready to adjust the schedule to suit interests or needs. For example, the fitness program added dance and men’s weight classes after residents inquired about them.

“I love the live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night,” says resident Sharon Owens. “There are games and art [classes] offered all of the time, and good discussion groups and of course we do ‘out on the town’ and that’s always fun and exciting.”

“Everyone who works here truly helps set The Gatesworth apart from other retirement communities,”Montrey confirms. “We have a strong commitment to quality and strive to maintain an exceptional level of service.”

Additionally, The Gatesworth has resident-favorite events returning for the summer. From two old-fashioned ice cream socials, to a “pooch parade” for the lucky dogs that call the community their home, to several evening parties, the season is full of ways to socialize – hot weather permitting.

The Gatesworth will also be wrapping up its spring-summer speaker series, Real Voices, which has so far included Paul Costigan, senior vice-president of the International Institute of St. Louis, and five-time Emmy-Winner Patrick Murphy, author and well-known voice and face of NinePBS.

“We’ll finish the series in July with one of The Gatesworth residents’ all-time favorites: Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and a founding member of “Donnybrook” on NinePBS,” says Kathy Davis, resident program director. “There’s no one quite like Bill McClellan to tell it as he sees it – he’s a 100-percent ‘Real Voice’!”

The Gatesworth also has plenty of space for casual socializing with its many open living spaces.

“We have a weekly social hour where we meet with snacks and laughter,” says Owens. “There’s always a lot of good laughter. You get to meet your wonderful neighbors and I like that a lot. I just feel so blessed to be here.”

Another way The Gatesworth promotes wellness in its residents is with the meals it serves. The community has three restaurants, each offering distinct experiences created by its award-winning executive chef, Brian Hardy, and his team.

“Hardy and his team start with fresh local ingredients and handle all prep work in-house to create their culinary masterpieces,” Montrey says. There are some incredible summer specials available now – and there are always fresh salads, hamburgers and many more options.

The community’s incredible owners and staff have built the reputation that there is no place like The Gatesworth. The community is always improving for seniors who want to remain active, eat well, pursue passions and make new friends – all in the comfort of a safe and engaging environment.

Text based on an interview by Maggie Peters in Ladue News

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