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The Gatesworth exterior lush landscaping.

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Lush Landscape
Staying Active and Engaged

St. Louisan Berkeley Gunther has a long history with The Gatesworth. Before becoming a resident herself, she helped family and friends settle into the community. When it came time for her to move in, she was approached about participating in landscape planning. “Everywhere I’ve lived I’ve been involved in the landscaping, so I am happy to be part of the process here,” she says. “I work with the groundskeeper and one of the owners on planning, and I manage the greenhouse.”

The Gatesworth has 13 acres of grounds full of paths, courtyards, lakes and native plantings. “There’s easy access for walking, and it’s wonderful to get to see the seasonal change,” Gunther says. “We have the most remarkable collection of mature trees and plants. It’s like its own ecosystem.” The community also holds events and offers al fresco dining so residents can enjoy the outdoor spaces.

The newest addition to The Gatesworth’s grounds is the pollinator garden. The space is planted with annuals and perennials chosen to attract both bees and butterflies. “Currently, it’s my favorite spot,” Gunther says. “We get to see a lot of pollinator activity, so it’s educational and a lot of fun. Residents are excited about it, and I love the whole thing.”

Text based on an interview by Stephanie Wallace in Town&Style

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