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Transitioning from owning your own home to a senior living community can seem like a compromise of independence. However, Stacy Muehlher, director of leasing at The Gatesworth, notes that independent living actually can provide a more flexible lifestyle. “A common misconception is that senior living communities inhibit your ability to do many things,” she says. “However, more people are finding that the opposite is true—it can be a source of newfound freedom, ease and comfort. It comes with less stress and time spent on things like house repairs, yard work and grocery shopping, allowing for more of what you truly enjoy.”

With senior living communities popping up around the country, there is no shortage of choices. According to Muehlher, it’s important to find the right combination of accommodations, amenities and services to ensure you can live the lifestyle you want. “Senior living communities come in all shapes, sizes and levels of care,” she explains. “The freedom to choose is especially important when designing your ideal life.” The Gatesworth offers residents a combination of innovative services and luxury amenities that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Living at The Gatesworth, seniors can leave behind the stresses of household chores, yard maintenance and meal prep, while enjoying the community’s wide array of amenities and activities—whether it’s walking the grounds, socializing with peers at happy hours or enjoying a meal at one of its multiple on-site restaurants. “At The Gatesworth, freedom of choice is at the heart of everything we do,” Muehlher says. “Whether you’re from St. Louis, New York or anywhere in between, our welcoming staff and local ownership go above and beyond to make each resident feel at home. Our residents often say, ‘Why didn’t I move to The Gatesworth sooner?’”

The ease of living at The Gatesworth is evident in the satisfaction of its residents. Patricia and John Matejcic moved to the community in November of last year. They made the choice with the input of their family. “I had an aunt who lived at The Gatesworth until her death, and while I had only visited her a couple of times, my sister insisted we consider the community,” Patricia says. “While we were visiting, we mentioned our aunt to the staff. When we returned, they had found a photo of her that they shared with us. It was such a kind gesture.”

Some of the Matejcics’ favorite features are the grounds, fitness options and transportation services, and Patricia notes that their son enjoys visiting for meals. But what truly sets The Gatesworth experience apart for them is the people. “We’ve made so many great friends, and the staff is absolutely fabulous,” she notes. “We’ve never had a request go unanswered. Whether the TV isn’t working or the door won’t shut, someone will come and fix it. It’s such a nice thing when you’re older. At The Gatesworth, we don’t have to worry about anything.”

Text based on an interview by Stephanie Wallace in Town&Style

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