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Good Times and Good Friends

As you grow older, it can be easy for your world to shrink – from the places you go and the people you see to the things you get to learn and experience. The Gatesworth has built a community that prioritizes giving every resident the opportunities to stay involved with the community and to socialize.

At the award-winning senior living community, residents have enjoyed trips to the City Foundry, Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta, Josephine’s Tea Room in Illinois and other places.

“People love learning,” says resident program director Kathy Davis. ”I love introducing people to what is new in the area, as well as hopping in the time machine and listening to locals share their memories with residents who might be new to the area or haven’t been to a particular neighborhood.”

Alongside connecting with places, The Gatesworth also connects residents with current events through a number of discussion groups. The hour-long programs bring in educators from Washington University in St. Louis and other professionals that involve the residents in all of the conversations.

“There is a great current events program,” says resident Bella Browne. A New York City native with a degree in philosophy and special education, Browne enjoys participating in the wide range of topics discussed. “It’s so varied,” she says. “They talk about history, philosophy, opera and different cultures. It’s all top-notch.”

Resident enjoying piano playing.

Browne praises The Gatesworth for the robust calendar of events, programs and trips that are available and for the independence it gives her to be able to choose how few or how many she wants to participate in on any given day. Browne adds that she’s even discovered new interests, such as playing bridge with some of the other women.

The Gatesworth also gives residents the freedom to experience events they’re interested in, allowing residents like Browne to enjoy St. Louis museums and performances – as well as trips to grocery stores. Residents have the option to drive themselves or take advantage of provided transportation.

Davis points out that these resident trips can help her learn about adding new speakers or entertainment to the event schedule.

“The most consistent way to bring people what they want to see is if they’ve gone out to see a speaker or a music group and brought back contact info or a brochure,” she says. “I get resources brought to me, and it’s a really great gift. I have the residents, whose eyes are always open for something they think would be great – and they’re often right.”

There are also opportunities for residents to simply catch up casually within the community.

“There’s a wonderful happy hour we all enjoy,” Browne says. “We share our similar interests and experiences and also get to learn from each other all the time.”

Events at The Gatesworth are always open to friends and family of the residents. Browne describes the staff as welcoming and hospitable to guests, and states they’ll never say no to a resident request.

“The staff and people here are warm and accepting,” she concludes. “They keep us entertained and social. It keeps you always looking forward to the next day.”

Text based on an interview by Maggie Peters in Ladue News

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