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The Gatesworth chef making stir fry.

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Delight is Always on the Menu
Award-winning Chef Hardy creates delicious offerings

With award-winning, globally recognized Executive Chef Brian Hardy at the helm, delight is always on the menu at The Gatesworth, an independent senior living community.

Chef Hardy and his team start with fresh, local ingredients and handle all prep work in-house. “We create the menu based on what is in season, what is inspiring and what people want,” Hardy remarks. “People who are very good at what they do listen to their customers’ needs and preferences. We make it as easy as possible for residents to enjoy healthy, delicious meals on their terms.”

At The Gatesworth, every vegetable is peeled by hand, meat and fish are butchered in house, and baked goods are made from scratch, according to Hardy. “We constantly seek dishes and recipes that are delicious and contribute toward the health and wellness of the community,” he says. “And we can compete with any of the top-notch restaurants in town.”

“Our renowned chef prepares wonderful menus with daily specials like trout and lamb, or you can cook for yourself at home,” resident Jerry Davis says. “My favorite menu choices include the Cobb salad, shrimp appetizers and smoked salmon.” 

Hardy’s team prepares full breakfast, lunch and dinner menus every day at The Gatesworth’s three restaurants. Along with their dedication to creating many delicious offerings, the food service staff knows most of the residents by name. They’re familiar enough with individual preferences to make on-the-fly meal modifications, according to Hardy. “When you see residents day in and day out, you understand what they like,” he says. “We can do things that can’t be done in a restaurant.”

Residents Dr. Robert and Martha Senior couldn’t agree more. “The food prepared in the kitchen here is delicious,” Martha says. “We talked with Chef Hardy, and he was very receptive to our restrictive diet of low sodium and low fat. The staff knows just what we like.”

“It’s like cooking for your family,” Hardy notes. “I take pride in the relationships I’ve formed with our residents. I know their preferences, favorites and dislikes—we’re quite close.” He also relishes the interactivity he experiences and the open dialogue between the kitchen and the dining rooms. “I welcome recipes and suggestions from our residents,” he says. “I’ll never stop learning, and I truly believe you can learn from anyone. It’s the residents who keep me at my best and help me generate new ideas to keep the menu fresh. They’re my inspiration.”

In 2020, Hardy took home the Dr. L.J. Minor Chef Professionalism Award, a sought-after designation nationally awarded to the chef who, per the American Culinary Federation, “exemplifies the highest standard of professionalism through certification, continuing education and training, culinary competitions and community involvement.”

While he’s no doubt top of his field, Chef Hardy remains humble. He’s grateful to The Gatesworth owners for allowing him to compete. Along with demonstrating culinary growth, Hardy has won competitions with impressive frequency for years. “He’s an allstar, and he reminds us every day with the incredible food that comes out of the kitchen,” says Carrie Montrey, executive director of The Gatesworth.

Residents of The Gatesworth enjoy peace of mind, carefree living and a vibrant, active lifestyle. And with Hardy and the highest standards in the kitchen, dining is a first-class feature of the community. As Montrey notes: “You can tell Chef Hardy loves his job. You can taste it.”

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