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Residents in an exercise class.

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A Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle
The Gatesworth Makes Staying Active Easy and Enjoyable

The new year is typically a time for health resolutions to surge and slump again. However, at The Gatesworth, maintaining fitness and well-being is not only easy, but also enjoyable as well.

“Advancing age doesn’t have to lead to less activity,” says executive director Carrie Montrey. “Instead, activity can help one stay healthier and feel younger while they age. We want our community to inspire a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.”

The Gatesworth helps facilitate that lifestyle with multiple opportunities for residents to keep active, such as fitness classes that cover everything from overall fitness to courses focusing on cardio and strength.

Fitness instructor Charlie Foxman adds that every class he teaches also has a balance component: “Balance is incredibly important. That’s the main reason people get injured, because of falls. As you age, gravity is no longer your friend.”

Foxman has been an instructor at The Gatesworth for nearly as long as The Gatesworth has been around, having been approached by one of the community’s owners, Bob Leonard, shortly after opening. Foxman adds that working at The Gatesworth gives him an incredible sense of accomplishment and that he loves seeing the residents happy and healthy. In return, Foxman makes his fitness classes something residents will look forward to and a place where they can socialize with their friends and neighbors.

“I like to make jokes and play music,” he says. “I use Spotify and have the residents request music; we play artists like Bing Crosby and Perry Como and they get a lot of enjoyment from the music. It’s a lot more fun than having it just be me speaking. I also have them count when doing exercises and everyone likes it being interactive.”

“I feel happy and invigorated,” resident Kitsy Moore confirms. “I feel more relaxed, confident and capable, and I am grateful that I can keep doing my day-to-day activities without becoming dependent on others.”

Resident Bill McDowell concurs: “The benefits of attending classes include increased strength in daily activities, such as opening a can or reaching for something on a high shelf, and improved balance. Getting out of a chair or bed without assistance is important. You feel great when your doctors tell you to keep doing whatever you are doing.”

On top of fitness classes, The Gatesworth makes health enjoyable through the food. Executive chef Brian Hardy makes a point to use the freshest ingredients to create dishes that are as good for residents as they are delicious. Additionally, the culinary team works to accommodate the dietary restrictions of residents.

Residents also praise The Gatesworth’s beautiful campus and abundant walking paths for providing more opportunities to stay mobile, as well as the different clubs and activities that keep them socially and mentally active.

“I especially enjoy the planned musical programs throughout the week, frequent educational lectures, Spanish Table, documentary films, several games, and outings to various events and restaurants,” Moore says. “I also enjoy the luxury of luscious ‘nature walks’ on the spectacular grounds. The choices for an enriched life are countless.”

“There is always something going on here,” Montrey concludes. “Our residents are engaged and involved. We are happy to offer classes and events that help them enjoy life.”

At The Gatesworth, a healthy lifestyle isn’t a fad — it’s a joyful part of residents’ every day.

Text based on an interview by Maggie Peters in Ladue News

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