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Jerry Davis
A Warm Welcome: The Gatesworth

Jerry Davis became a resident of The Gatesworth senior living community last year after moving out of the Richmond Heights home he and his late wife, Marcia, shared for many years. It was an emotional time for him, but he says The Gatesworth staff went out of their way to ease the transition and make him feel at home.

Davis says he and his daughter toured a few other retirement properties in St. Louis before deciding on The Gatesworth. “It really stood out to me,” he says. “When I first walked into the lobby, it felt like I was entering a five-star hotel. Everything about the community is comfortable and visually pleasing, from the grounds to the decor and furnishings. I had no reservations at all about moving in. Everything just fell into place.”

He says The Gatesworth staff even made his moving process seamless and stress-free. They came to his previous home to help determine what would fit in his new apartment, and that eased some difficult decisions about which belongings to keep and which to give to charity. “They took pictures of my furnishings and helped lay out a floor plan for my new home,” Davis says. “My old house had four sofas, so I had to figure out which three to donate, among other things. It was great to have someone with interior design knowledge helping me with decisions like that.

Davis says The Gatesworth provided him with guest quarters for a couple of days while his furnishings, plants and other belongings were moved in and set up. “The staff put everything in place for me, including pictures and treasured keepsakes,” he notes. “They did all of the heavy lifting. It was such a relief to have every detail covered and not worry about the usual stresses of a move.”

He says he is constantly amazed at all of the amenities and activities the community offers. “There is a renowned chef who prepares wonderful menus with daily specials like trout and lamb, or you can cook for yourself at home,” he says. “My favorite menu choices include the Cobb salad, shrimp appetizers and smoked salmon.” Davis adds that whenever he is up for some socializing, there are a number of ways to enjoy himself and interact with fellow residents. “There is live entertainment, music, a fitness center, a saltwater pool, jacuzzi, games and lots of opportunities for relaxation and conversation,” he says. “I love that there is something different to do every day.”

Davis says he is such a fan of The Gatesworth that he even agreed to appear in a local television commercial for his new community. “I’m very happy here,” he says. “I always feel comfortable and secure, the staff make me feel like they would do anything for me, and they truly create a homelike atmosphere. They treat my dog as a member of the family, too. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to live.”

Text based on an interview by Julia M. Johnson in Town&Style

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