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Antoinette Carlie

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Antoinette Carlie
These days, Antoinette Carlie thinks of herself as 65, not 85. 

After undergoing a heart attack and two hip replacement surgeries, the large house Carlie shared with her husband just got to be too much. The couple moved into The Gatesworth about a year ago, and they couldn’t be more excited to stay active — and have a bit of fun in the process.
While her husband stays fit with swimming, walking, and the workout room, Carlie prefers a slightly nontraditional approach, taking group classes in balance and breathing, tai chi, and yoga. 

At The Gatesworth, yoga is practiced in chairs, with postures adapted to fit residents’ range of motion. “But boy, it works you out,” Carlie says. Since her heart attack, she’s dealt with heart-related balance issues, but yoga is helping her stay centered. “I feel better about my movement, and if ever I’m unsure, I stop and think for a minute,” she says. 

Yoga is known for its powers of relaxation, but Carlie also enjoys a range of other leisurely activities at The Gatesworth, including massages, movies, Scrabble, poker, the beauty shop, and painting. 

Text based on an interview by Alexa Beattie from Town&Style

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